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$30.00 per Bottle
$140.00 per Bottle
 Sourced exclusively from the family owned and operated Folin Vineyards, the 2012 Signature Viognier is a testament to the terroir in which it was grown. As is standard at Folin, minimal intervention with the natural processes and great care were taken to ensure only the highest quality grapes were produced.
$22.00 per Bottle
For 20 years King Estate has produced Pinot Gris in what has become known as our signature style: no oak, no malolactic fermentation, and extended sur lie aging in stainless steel. An experiment gone right, Paradox is something markedly different and special. Paradox is our only Pinot Gris to undergo aging in French oak barrels; one can expect a softer, more complex wine. The supple oak tannins integrate with the lively acidity of this Pinot Gris in a well-rounded wine with multiple layers of flavor and an ample finish.
$24.00 per Bottle